Director enables users to create animated CG scenes, play them back in realtime, or save a movie with frames rendered by Pixar's PRMan.

Functionality includes:


Installers for the latest version of Director (v0.2.0) can be downloaded, from here, for 64-bit desktop platforms. Minimum requirements are Windows 7+; Ubuntu 12+; CentOS 6+; macOS 10.9+.

The User guide and Examples guide can be downloaded from here.


A free 30-day trial license will be granted upon first use. Please contact the author for more details or alternatives.


Some example projects can be found at See the Examples guide for how to download them your computer.

Videos of rendered animations and usage of Director can be found at

Additional Requirements

To use PRMan, a separate download and license is required. REYES is supported up to version 21.

ffmpeg used to create movie files requires a separate download.

Blender is used to export data from .blend files, and requires a separate download.

git is a separate download and may be required to upload projects to cloud based repositories.


For all queries, please email

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